Swinging from synthetic fanfare to approximate big band, Thiaz Itch croons sprinkling his shimmering colors in an anachronistic and funny show.
His orchestra lurking in the shadows, he uses his hands and his mouth to leap moogy-pouêt-pouêt sounds with his clarinet, make his mandoline sing serenades and rock ‘n roll and play a spread of other wacky intruments.

Swinguant de la fanfare synthétique au big band à peu près, Thiaz Itch croone en parsemant ses couleurs chamarrées dans un show anachronique et rigolo.
Son orchestre tapi dans l’ombre, il se sert de ses mains et de sa bouche pour bondir de sons moogy-pouêt-pouêt à la clarinette, faire chanter à sa mandoline aubades et rock’n’roll et jouer d’une ribambelle d’autres instruments farfelus ; le musicien brûle presque d’un faux burlesque.


What Thiaz Itch do in Live !?

He plays many instruments (mandoline, clarinet, keyboard, melodica, harmonica, ..etc.. ),

he puts funny things in music with his colorful melodies,

he sings (or plays with his voice),

he uses his computer as an orchestra and to process effects (on voice and instruments),

he inserts farty sounds,

(but) he is well dressed

and he even can be a nasty boy.


Usefull Thingies


Stage Plot

Stage Scène

  • 1 x microphone stand 1 x pied de micro
  • 1 x keyboard stand 1 x pied de clavier
  • 2 x AC power 110/220V plugs 2 x prises 110/220V
  • 1 x table : 1,6 x 0,7 x 1 metre(s) minimum 1 x table : 1,6 x 0,7 x 1 mètre(s) minimum

and for relative big places et pour les salles relativement grandes :

  • 1 x Shure SM57 microphone or equivalent (for Clarinet) 1 x micro Shure SM57 ou équivalent (pour la clarinette)

Catering Catering

  • Vegetarian food Repas Végétarien
  • Beer Bière


Recording & Processing

Laptop + RME Fireface UCX + Yamaha HS5 + Fostex PM1 + Allen & Heath ZED-10 + Joe Meek Three Q Preamp + Art Tube MP Preamp + Mics (AKG C414, Audio Technica, …)


Clarinet + Bass Clarinet + Jarana (3a) + Trumpet + Saxophone + Acoustic & Electric Guitars + Mandolin + Violin + Melodica + Percussions + …

Keyboards, Controllers & Synthesizers

AKAI MPK mini + Novation Impulse 25 + M-Audio Trigger Finger + Korg numeric Piano + Korg electribe ER1