Et Binjoum !

ProOt Records is proud to present its first 12″ vinyl release :


As the following of “Binjoum [PRT005]” release, here comes the first LP vinyl release of Proot rec. with sides different enough to expose the multiple faces of Thiaz Itch’s work :

  • A side, new special versions of 5 tracks extracted from the sunshiny “Binjoum” LP (available on Proot records [PRT005] and Bedroom Research [BR022])
  • B side, a bunch of 4 tracks that could be described as the “best of” those last 5 years of Thiaz Itch : Wan Toutou Megamix (from “Monkey Movies” on Bedroom Research [BR020]) ; and Goto Castricum, Doubidou Bidou, Balls Love Call, exclusive unreleased yet tracks !


    Limited 300 cop. · 9 tracks
    + Immediate download of 9-track album !


    9 tracks album

12″ Vinyl Album Tracklist :

Side A
  1. Et Binjoum
  2. Sol Picante
  3. The Gardener’s Lament


    i crushed my head with an elephant
    he told me i am now here to become
    a rumble shrimp of the deep black coffee
    i itch my ears two times before i search
    a sugar horny pillow fight
    my head is lower and hand seems bright
    shut that door the lion sleeps around the baker’s hammer

    i sold my tears to a cheap blue cheese
    he told me life is a fork finally
    and newspaper’s making surgery
    sofa’s cover knew that’s why it had
    to leave the home before midnight
    i guess it’s better now and it’s fine
    shoot that dog the lion sleeps with the butcher’s hamster

    i dried my toes with a microphone
    it told my sweat is tastier than my spit
    i could have learned some special words
    but science’s good only for catholics
    i’m sure it wants to pass a class
    its membrane’s frozen due to its self-pride
    caress the lion from my wife i got to warm the grocer

  4. Froggy Swamp
  5. B Line

    influenced by Lord Invader – New-York Subway


    When i came to toulouse one year ago
    i came to see my friend who’s called tonio
    i can reveal i wasn’t really ok
    that is why i had to take holidays

    in this city i couldn’t just know my way
    i tried to find a map into the subway
    to know where it was i said hey policeman
    he explains me the road to go the B line

    but i tried so hard
    to entering it
    another man said to me
    it is not opened
    policemen are not that good
    they want to tell me
    the better way i go back home

    Now years have passed and new stories every day
    But discovering a city is all the same way
    I’m missing trains and also missing tramways
    Just hoping that like me one day they’ll be late

    I can try hard
    and run after it
    But the driver says no
    with a sign of his hand
    Drivers are not that good
    they don’t want to let me getting back home

Side B
  1. Wan Toutou Megamix
  2. Doubidou Bidou
  3. Goto Castricum


    Me, i have broken my car and i want to go to…

    Me, i have broken my car and me, i want to go to Castricum

    Yes i’m sure, i’m sure i want to go to,
    i’m sure i want to Castri,
    to go to Castricum

  4. Balls Love Call