Who said there’s no such things as a free lunch ?

Proot, Bedroom Research and Thiaz Itch give you the complete course for free and don’t forget the apperitive.

This new Thiaz Itch LP is a delightful bittersweet cocktail that comes on point for summer times.
An avalanche of unexpected associations of sounds arranged with a great sense of humour and tones. Bursts of mandoline, maladjusted vocals, calypso, space age pop, dada collage, coconuts and bikinis are in the Menu.

Shake it, serve and VOILA !



    10 tracks album

Album Tracklist :

  1. Binjoum
  2. Sol Picante
  3. Effervescing Elephant

    cover of Syd Barret


    An effervescing elephant
    With tiny eyes, and great big trunk
    Once whispered to the tiny ears
    The ears of one inferior
    That by next june he’d die, oh yeah !
    Because the tiger would roam
    And the little one said oh my goodness I must stay at home

    And everytime I hear a growl
    Ill know the tigers on the prowl
    And Ill be really safe you know
    The elephant he told me so
    And everyone was nervy, oh yeah!
    And the message was spread
    To zebra, mongoose, and the dirty hippopotamus

    Who wollowed in the mud and chewed
    His spicy hippoplancton food
    And tended to ignore the word
    Prefering to survey a herd
    Of stupid water bison, oh yeah!
    And the jungle took fright
    And ran around for all the day and the night

    But all in vain because you see
    The tiger came and said to me,
    You know I wouldnt hurt not one of you
    I much prefer something to chew
    Youre all too scant, oh yeah!
    He ate the elephant…

  4. Crountry Frerchtre

    influenced by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  5. Auntie Mamie

    cover of Harry Belafonte – Auntie Mary


    Auntie Mamie, open up the door
    Auntie Mamie, open up the door
    Auntie Mamie, open up the door
    What I did last night I ain’t gonna do no more

    but she said:
    Charlie cannot take a drink
    When he go out never stop to think
    He would drink and drink more and more
    When he get home I won’t open up my door

    Auntie Mamie, open up the door
    Auntie Mamie, open up the door
    Auntie Mamie, open up the door
    What I did last night I ain’t gonna do no more

    but she said:
    Charlie now listen to me
    You can’t be free and still havin’ me
    I’m tired of gettin’ in a fight
    If you get drunk you will sleep outside some night

  6. Froggy Swamp
  7. B Line

    influenced by Lord Invader – New-York Subway

    piano by Tom Terrien


    when i came to toulouse one year ago
    i came to see my friend who’s called tonio
    i can reveal i wasn’t really ok
    that is why i had to take holidays

    in this city i couldn’t just know my way
    i tried to find a map into the subway
    to know where it was i said hey policeman
    he explains me the road to go the B line

    but i tried so hard
    to entering it
    another man said to me
    it is not opened
    policemen are not that good
    they want to tell me
    the better way i go back home

    Now years have passed and new stories every day
    But discovering a city is all the same way
    I’m missing trains and also missing tramways
    Just hoping that like me one day they’ll be late

    I can try hard
    and run after it
    But the driver says no
    with a sign of his hand
    Drivers are not that good
    they don’t want to let me getting back home

  8. Syrupo
  9. Bubblin’ Pipe
  10. The Gardener’s Lament


    i crushed my head with an elephant
    he told me i am now here to become
    a rumble shrimp of the deep black coffee
    i itch my ears two times before i search
    a sugar horny pillow fight
    my head is lower and hand seems bright
    shut that door the lion sleeps around the baker’s hammer

    i sold my tears to a cheap blue cheese
    he told me life is a fork finally
    and newspaper’s making surgery
    sofa’s cover knew that’s why it had
    to leave the home before midnight
    i guess it’s better now and it’s fine
    shoot that dog the lion sleeps with the butcher’s hamster

    i dried my toes with a microphone
    it told my sweat is tastier than my spit
    i could have learned some special words
    but science’s good only for catholics
    i’m sure it wants to pass a class
    its membrane’s frozen due to its self-pride
    caress the lion from my wife i got to warm the grocer