The Square Carnival


“It’s a story about internal computer civilisation: binary values.
They want to forget their commandments, making a big parade and dressing up themselves with the substances they received…
The first track is the wakening of the squares; during the second one, they’re still pures squares (‘course with a bit of noise), discovering their possibilities; only from the third track they start to dress up themself, and become really euphoric it seems …”



    9 + 18 = 27 tracks !!! (extended version)

Album Tracklist :

  1. open

    square genesis

  2. Seuneurprise

    no fx, only square and a bit of noise

  3. Wonder Boy
  4. Groo Prrt
  5. Toy of Fury
  6. Psyko Tyko

    remix of Zequinha de Abreu

  7. Rock around Moonlight
  8. No Particular Place to Go

    remix of Chuck Berry

  9. BC Boogie


  • music composed*, performed and mastered by Thiaz Itch
    * : except “Psyko Tyko” and “No Particular Place to Go”
  • artwork by Thiaz Itch
  • a Proot records production