It’s not a Day for Work


This one was a loooong time in the works. And it’s amazing! It’s not only a tribute to a classic early-90′s pop album, it’s also an exercise in variation… of composition, of instrumentation, even of expropriation. These are total re-invention of the original. Track-by-track. Enjoy!



  1. She Don’t Lead A Lonely Life – Milch of Source feat. EeL
  2. Earth Spin Begin – Candy Claws
  3. Young And Prout – Thiaz Itch
  4. Under The Pale Moon – Freja Bluegrass Band
  5. Eyes Of A Stranger – Society of Imaginary Friends
  6. Daydreamin’ – 100 dBs & Ryan-O’Neil
  7. Wheel Of Forts – Pikelet
  8. Sleeping In A Coffin – BlackBlack
  9. The People Understand – Poor Jiffy
  10. Euphoria – The Gauchos
  11. My Right Brain (Morning Crash Instrumental) – Morning Crash
  12. She’s Going To Get You – Bob Mo and Gigi