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Nothing really fits, and well, you know, everything does, depending on how you look at it. This is how that compilation worked. Kind of throwing in different kind of shoes: sneakers, boots, high-heels (lots of those in there actually, mean to wear but kind of awesome to look at, you‘ll see. Listen. Where was I?) but in the end they are all shoes, right? Even with matching colors. Drone, breakcore, beats, melodies, we offer the whole menu in one go and you just need to (wo)man up to stomach that. But WaW turned 30 with that one, so we are grown-ups now, and you are too, are you not? Just kidding. Trying to think of a childish joke now, but nothing comes to mind. Too sad. No. Wait. Legends of the future. Shift and drift. There you go, stupid word-play. We promise, what we hold.

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massju & Wolfseule @ WeirdAndWired

Thiaz Itch - Bossa d'Automne