Darling Dada 0.1


The Darling Dada team is happy to present a selection of 27 wonderful tracks. In this zip file you’ll find punchy dancefloor, experimental stuff, hard noise sounds and romantic melodies. So we’re terribly proud to present you this project made with love by nice and talentuous artists.

Darling Dada


Bacalao, Clark Nova, Gangpol und Mit, Logosamphia, Morusque, GnG, Plancton 9, (Nit)Neroc, Klaten, Debmaster, Rainbow Jump Orchestra, Krib, Johnny Superglu, Terrificolor, Hassan K, Sinead o’Connick jr, Clotaire 1er, The Minty, Ragul, Kania Tiefer, C_C, Thiaz Itch, Bitcrusher, Guili Guili Goulag, Gagoug, Emmanuelle Gibello, Krusty