Froots Juice


Hold you breath and check this incredible list of (29!!!) remixers :

Candie Hank, Fulgeance, Kelpe, Slugabed, Team Doyobi, Jega, Eero Johannes, Wankers United, Mesak, Beige, Thiaz Itch, Michael Fakesch, Freeform, Mochipet, Subjex, Himuro, Com.A, Wevie Stonder, Gangpol Und Mit, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz, Ebola, Le Couteau Jaune, Okapi, Osymyso, Tep, Animals On Wheels, Takeshi Muto, Cupp Cave, Cursor Miner.

This is the ultimate sonic smoothie, a wide range of flavors and interpretations of Jean Jacques and Cosmic tasty work. Skweee, dubstep , wonky, IDM, drill’n bass, comedy glitch, breakbeat, collage, techno and other unidentified styles are all represented. A passionating trip inside JJP’s heritage.